As previously mentioned, S-Biotek’s strength lies in research and development, in collaboration with a network of leading specialists and experts, and in patenting new products for the dietary supplement and over-the-counter markets.

S-Biotek has already signed a licensing agreement with a major player on the European market, and has entered into a dialogue with an interested partner for the American market and the rest of the world. If S-Biotek reaches an agreement with this partner, it will involve listing of S-Biotek’s stomach acid and blood glucose-regulating products on the stock exchange. Listing is one way of securing financial support for clinical trials and completing development, and then distributing the products around the world via partnership agreements and sales.

If the agreement is concluded and the products are listed on the stock exchange, S-Biotek will acquire shares and be co-owner of the listed company. Alternatively, S-Biotek is investigating the possibilities of listing the entire company (i.e. all three products) itself.
It is expected that S-Biotek will receive considerable incomes from royalties and/or holdings of shares from the above-mentioned agreements, which can be documented after signing a confidentiality agreement. All earnings will be distributed regularly to the owners, and only capital to ensure minimal operation and development will remain in the company.