S-Biotek’s technology forms the basis for the development of a number of patented and highly user-friendly products with unique selling points for the market for weight loss, satiety and meal replacements.

The technology is built upon the most highly recognised principles in the medical world – reduction of stomach size (by surgery or a balloon) to limit space for food intake. The effect of surgery on the stomach is the best documented and most highly recognised treatment for obesity. The challange is that a surgical procedure is very costly and often accompanied by serious physical and mental side effects.

What is special about S-Biotek’s technology is that a purely natural product is used to obtain many of the same positive effects as surgery –simply because certain types of alginate form a gel (biological balloon) when they come into contact with stomach acid. S-Biotek’s weight loss products has no side effects, since it is derived from a natural source already approved as food for humans.
S-Biotek’s product is a powder, to which flavour can be added as required. The powder is normally mixed with water, and is then ready to drink. S-Biotek has issued and pending patents worldwide on the principal effect and the formulation, which only contains a few grams of alginate. This means that it will be possible to develop a series of new products which will have exclusivity on the market. Additionally, the patented alginate formula can be added as a satiating factor to a large number of products already on the market today – such as meal replacements, soups, low-calorie products (LCD, VLCD) and similar.

The main product is intended as a pre-load, i.e. a product to be taken as a drink before the main meals of the day – an inovative and new concept in the weight management market. 

When the active ingredience comes in contact with stomach acid, a gel is formed, which limits the space in the stomach and gives a pleasent feeling of fullness, thus countering excessive food intake. Since the gel consists of dietary fibre, it will send the same signals of satiety to the brain as if a corresponding meal had been eaten.

Our technology provides:

  • A gel (balloon) in the stomach, which is fully reversible after three to four hours (all in – all out)
  • A good sense of fullness and reduced desire to over-eat
  • No negative side effects (but positive effect on blood glucose and reduced fat uptake)
  • A very easily marketable product (a good “story”), since reference can be made to known medical principles with proved effects
  • A user-friendly product, which is easily formulated and can equally well be combined with other products on the market
  • A competitive price, since only a few grams of alginate (the active ingredient) are required
  • A unique technology, for which S-Biotek has patent protection (already issued in several countries including Australian and the USA).