Many people suffer from overproduction of stomach acid, heartburn or reduced resistance in the stomach, with considerable discomfort as a result. Most people have at some point been using acid-neutralising medication products, so this is a huge, global billion dollar market. 

Known products on the market today are remedies such as Balancid, Rennie and Gaviscon; Gaviscon targets heartburn (due to reflux of acid in the oesophagus). Although it is an effective product, most people find it unpleasant to consume. It forms a kind of lid at the top of the stomach, preventing reflux of stomach acid into the lower section of the oesophagus to cause heartburn or other discomforts. Gaviscon is generally considered to be unpleasent and sticky because of its high viscosity, and the consumers often feel a coating on the teeth and a sensation of sand in the mouth after taking it.

Through numerous tests by one of the world’s leading stomach specialists – Professor Dr Christoph Beglinger in Switzerland – S-Biotek has proved that certain alginates have a pronounced capacity for binding acid ions, which means they have particularly good acid-neutralising properties. S-Biotek has succeeded in formulating a by-layer tablet consisting of a combination of alginates with two other acid-neutralising components, which together work better (measured by their acid-neutralising properties) and longer than other corresponding products on the market. At the same time a “lid” is also formed, so the product provides a good alternative to Gaviscon – only without the unpleasant taste and consistency.

The advantages can be summarised as follows:

  • It is a natural product without side effects and has a green profile
  • The tablet will be unique  on the market, since it is formulated as a by-layer tablet with one layer has an imidiate effexct, and a second layer that ensures a longer-term effect (innovative concept)
  • It is demonstrably better and works longer than the market leaders mentioned in the field of fast-active acid neutralisation
  • The price is competitive
  • It is a dual-action product, i.e. with the double effect of neutralising acid and forming a “lid” like Gaviscon (to prevent heartburn) – only without the sticky sensation, since a pill is swallowed whole
  • No side effects were shown in clinical trials
  • Patents have been applied for, for the formulation and the product, and the product is expected to obtain a considerable market share
  • A partnership agreement has already been signed with a major European partner, and S-Biotek is right now looking into a possible stock exchange listing
  • The product will be marketed and sold as a Medical Device in Europe, and as a dietary supplement in the USA.

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