S-Biotek Holding is a Danish company which invents and develops technologies and products for the over-the-counter and dietary supplement market. Research and development are carried out in collaboration with some of the best authorities in Denmark and abroad – including the University of Copenhagen and Dr Med Arne Astrup, head of the Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports.

S-Biotek has three products in the development phase, and the first two are almost ready for the market. These two products will be described in more detail on the next pages. The third product is a blood glucose regulator in the early stages of development, for which we are gathering data, and will therefore not be described further in this prospectus. 

Three products being developed

  1. A weight loss and satiety supplement in powder form to dissolve in water or fluid
  2. An over-the-counter product in form of a bi-layer tablet to help gastric related disorder syndroms (inovative formulation)
  3. A potential over-the-counter product to stabilise blood glucose levels (capsule/tablet)

S-Biotek was founded in 2008 by the inventor Jens Olsen, who conceived the original idea that certain types of alginates derived from brown seaweed might have both satiating and acid-neutralizing properties – which is supported in the literature.

S-Biotek is not the first company to note and work with the unique properties of alginates, since many of these properties are well described in the literature, and many others before us have demonstrated the numerous excellent properties of specific types of alginates.

Alginates are difficult to work with, since they become highly viscous and sticky when dissolved in water. Consequently no one so far has been able to utilise the unique properties of alginates in a sustainable product – this is where S-Biotek has made the crucial breakthrough. In the last five years, through many scientific tests and studies in collaboration with Dr Med Arne Astrup and the University of Copenhagen, S-Biotek has succeeded in breaking the codes and formulating a series of user-friendly products, which we have succeeded in obtaining patents for.

S-Biotek already has a licensing agreement with a major player on the European over-the-counter market for a bi-layer acid-neutralizing tablet, and at the end of 2014 we signed a licensing agreement for one or more weight loss/satiety products with a world-leading company in the dietary supplements and weight loss field. Both products are aimed at huge, well-established markets, and are potential block-busters.

In parallel, S-Biotek is looking into a possible listsing of the company on the Australian or USA stock exchange. The Board of S-Biotek is therefore considering an injection of capital from one or more new investors, among other things to ensure the further development of the products, maintenance of the patents and daily operations in the period up to the launch of the products on the market and/or stock exchange listing.

During the last five years, several investors have provided capital in the form of capital expansions and loans to S-Biotek, and at present the circle of owners consists of four holding companies, all owned by private individuals. These holding companies are represented on the Board by their owners as shown below.

The Board of S-Biotek is made up of the following members:

Pedan Holding 2 A/S
Jørgen Schönherr
Chairman of the Board
Svoni Holding ApS 
Svend Nielsen
Member of the Board
KBJ Holding ApS
Knud Johansen
Member of the Board
Rene Jørgensen
Member of the Board